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~ Teller County Board Hearing Cancelled ~
The day before the hearing!
The NorthStar Hearing was scheduled to be heard Wednesday, October 3. The Teller County Building Official, Rick SomethingOrOther, began calling those interested parties on Tuesday to let them know that the NorthStar part of the hearing had been cancelled. Not postponed. Not delayed. Cancelled. Why? He cited pending litigation by NorthStar against those who had filed the complaints.

According to Rick, Zendejas called him to inform him that the Harts were involved in a lawsuit filed by NorthStar. Rick, for reasons about which we can only speculate, decided to take the word of counsel for NorthStar that the Harts were in fact named in a lawsuit, when in fact they are not. To support this lie, Barbara Robbins delivered to Rick, Wednesday morning, a copy of a letter sent to the Harts, and a number of others, warning them to cease interferring with business. To read a copy of the letter, Click Here.

The letter makes no specific complaints. General accusations that are clearly First Amendment issues. A class Zendejas must have slept through. The letter does not state that they are going to be sued, only that they might be if the sinful conduct doesn't cease. Incidently, when one of the "recipients" of this letter tried to call him and get specifics, as he says they could in the letter, he never returned his calls. He also ignored emails on the same subject. ETHICS is also another class it appears Zendejas slept through.

Zendejas is claiming that the Harts are one of the John & Jane Does 1 Thru 100 named in the Verified Complaint & Motion for Injunction filed against this web site. Click here to read the complaint filed August 3.

Rick claims the final decision was made by the attorney for Teller County. This attorney, whoever he/she is, was not available for comment or to answer any questions. In fact, the Teller County officials were suspiciously unavailable to taxpayers immediately after making a controversial decision such as this. It looked like they were ducking any contact where they might have to actually give someone a legitimate answer as to why these Teller County residents were being denied their day in hearing.

More details as they become available.

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