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This is an opinion. Let the controversy begin.

Who is Ric Radeke? He is the Building Official for Teller County. The big cheese. Head honcho. Man in charge. The buck stops with him. Which brings us to our question. Ric Radeke, how can you pass a house that has several major problems with it? Let's say, for example, that the steps are not to code, the drainage on the slope is bad, and about 3 to 8 engineering mistakes securing the house to the foundation?

Ric Radeke, that's what YOU did! And, the house was built by NorthStar! What a coincidence!

Engineers inspected the house and determined that, in their opinion, there were eight problems with the foundation. These problems include missing ties, improper tie-downs, wood foundation where there should have been concrete block, etc. We were told that YOUR name is on the final. Yet the owner says she was home all day the day you supposedly made the final inspection, and she never saw you there. Not once. Nada. Zilch. She never found that silver bullet you were supposed to leave.

Ric Radeke, there's a house on Mesa Circle that's being built by NorthStar. It has no porta-potty on site. We're told that Dennis, one of your inspectors, drives by it every day. You remember the porta-potty issue? It came up at the hearing. You tried to ignored it by saying it wasn't a county requirement but the board didn't ignore it. What else about NorthStar do you ignore. It seems like a lot. There's a lot of problems with Northstar houses and you and your department don't seem to notice any of them. Why is this?

At the hearing, it was pointed out that there is a notice requiring contractors to notify the county when there was a change in sub-contractors. You countered that by saying it was simply a request by the county, not an order. Huh? It's not worded that way. And since when does the county ask licensed contractors to pretty please follow these rules?

And, you made a statement at the hearing that you would have someone out to Rui Haagan's house to investigate the wiring and electrical box and let her know what the situation was. That hasn't been done, yet. What are you waiting for? Warmer weather? Or permission from Barbara Robbins first?

Let's see. What are the possible explanations for someone in your position not doing their job properly:

  1. You are incompetent or you are being bought off. Which?
  2. So Ric, wanna reply?
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