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~ ~ Was Doug Boffing Sandy? ~ ~

As we've said in the past: rumors, rumors, rumors. The problem with rumors is when you hear the same rumor from several different sources, unsolicited, and they support each other, one has to wonder if there in any truth in them. And, when observed events tend to support what's being said, why deny ourselves a good rumor. If that's what it is. But, when you receive an unsolicited email from someone who worked in the office and was aware of the happenings, it moves from rumor to substantiated fact.

Doug seemed to be quite upset over the prospect of Barbi and George Asbury doing the big dirty. We've heard he found the thought Babs being boinked by George "quite a concern". Which was quite surprising since he had been "sleeping with Sandy" for quite some time.

Why Barbi would stray from Discount Doug is easy to understand: he lacks charm, has a violent temper, and his intimidating glare has evolved into a wimpy sneer. But George Asbury? Babs? You have no taste. Prince Charmless? You should be able to do better in a dark bar.

As for Ms Lack-of-Personality, now we understand how she managed to keep her job. She radiated all the friendliness and warmth of a carniverous plant as the receptionist for NorthStar.

All of this only goes to support our belief that the only one in the NorthStar offices with any integrity and ethics was Ginger, the dog.

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