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Hotchiss Realty, now dba Prudential Realty, Woodland Park, Colorado

Barbara Robbins appears to have been unable to make it on her own as the owner and operator of Peak Realty. Gee, we wonder why? She was operating out of her boyfriend's home, George Asbury (1440 Main St, Woodland Park), a residence and therefor not allowed to post an office sign. Real Estate offices rely on a fair amount of walk-in business. She also had one listing in December 2005 and virtually no advertising.

She seems to have not expended much in the way of advertising. Advertising is a mainstay of real estate sales. A major portion of their expense. If you don't advertise, they will not come. Why didn't she advertise? We don't believe her business was a legitimate business but rather a smoke screen to explain the money she concealed from her father's estate. Money that the Bankruptcy Court in Denver has declared was not adequately accounted for.

Poor Barbi. Unable to make it on her own (what else is new?), she turned to an old business acquentence, Hoschkiss Realty, now doing business as Prudential realty, in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Hotchkiss Communications actually owns Prudential Colorado Real Estate Woodland Park, located at 240 E Hwy 24, Woodland Park, Colorado 80863. Alton Hotchkiss actually owns the broker license, #EC85750, under which he also employs Lenore Hotchkiss; we assume to be a relative, his wife.

We first encountered Jineen McWherter and Hotchiss Realty from a letter and this email:

March 27, 2002 email
Greetings Mike;
Glad you got the letter we sent last week. Actually, Northstar DID steer the Tidwells toward the Bandannas' land, and I suspect it was during or right after the Tidwells withdrew from our agreement. The Tidwells told us they were no longer interested in buying our 31 acres on April 26, 1999, although I tried to subpoena Northstars' records of their Sales Agreement to see if the dates overlapped, Dougie would not cooperate with the subpoena! Instead he generated the 'response' thing that I sent you a copy of. He likes to do his own lawyering. I did not make a big issue of this curiosity at trial because other issues were more pressing and Judge Peters has a short attention span. We do not yet have a firm trial date for the continued case now filed in Colt's court, but one is forthcoming. I will now have my lawyer add that other issue to the list of questions we intend to ask Doug on the witness stand. The info about the written intent to withdraw is helpful, I'll run it by Mr. Bugg and see if it can come into helpful play. Don't know why Judge Peters was so blockhead when we were trying to defend ourselves when Tidwells sued us for breach of contract, but I suspect it was because Hotchkiss had their lawyer Dave Conley handling Tidwells case and Conley is Peters next door neighbor. Might have something to do with the way things went down. I will definitely keep you fully informed on dates and events when they develop. I sure would like to see justice done here in the ol'west. Jineen McWherter

Seems Jineen lost the lower court case and went to the Court of Appeals, where the unpublished opinion of the Colorado Court of Appeals reads, in its entirety, “Judgment reversed and case remanded with directions.” McWherter v. Fletcher, 2005 Colo. App. Lexis 873 (June 9, 2005.). We have not seen the original case or the appeal decision.

While all of the was going on, Jineen McWherter erected a sign on US Highway 24 that read, "we regret having done business with Hotchkiss Realty. This sign has been the focus of two articles we could locat. The first article, titled Sign Of The Times, published December 18, 2003 in the Colorado Springs Independent, was a news article quoting both sides. The second article titled Hurting Clients (in Word Document format) appears to be a paper by Edward A. Dauer of the University of Denver, date unknown.

So, now what happens? Barbara Robbins, of questionable ethics and having lost a lot of court cases where the courts openly question her honesty, is now hired by a real estate broker also of questionable ethics and having lost a court case. Having dealt with Babs and Doug, we are inclined to believe those who fight her and her buddies. We would not do business with Prudential Realty (run by Hotchkiss) if our life depended upon it.

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