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Top row, left to right, Fifth Infantry Division (1963-1964) at Fort Carson, Colorado; Twenty-fifth Infantry Division (1967) in Cu Chi, South Vietnam; and the Berlin Brigade (1964-1967) in West Berlin, West Germany.

Also in the frame, second row, is his last dog tag and Combat Infantry Badge (CIB).

Third row are leadership tabs, 9th Infantry to the keft and 18th Infantry right, flanking his second Purple Heart (with Oak Leaf Cluster).

1st Battalion 11th Infantry
Outstanding Advanced Individual Trainee

Fall 1963. Signed by LTC Harold D. Pinney, Battalion Commander.

Right wall in picture.

Berlin Brigade / Expert Infantryman Certificate

9 October 1965. Signed by Brigadier General J.H. Hay, Commanding.

Right wall in picture.

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