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Our Soldier Wall

Between Cup Of Joe For A Joe and AdoptaPlatoon we have had a bunch of adopted soldiers over the years. We began supporting our troops through AdoptaPlatoon in 2008. A few years later we heard of the Cup Of Joe For A Joe and began using them as well. This is a picture our soldier wall, as of February 12, 2019. On display are items we have been sent by various organizations and individuals. We just got our seventh American flag in February 2019. We link to pages with close-up pictures of the different gifts. Please excuse the camera flash as these are amateur pictures.

Flag #1

Our first American flag, first flag from the left top row in the picture, has a certificate stating it was carried on a Kiowa helicopter during a combat mission on August 7, 2009, in Operation Enduring Freedom, by the 7th Squadron of the 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division, Jalalabad, Afghanistan. In the corner of the flag frame is their special unit patch, "Death Rides", Task Force Pale Horse, Forward Operations Base Fenty. This was the first item sent to us. It came compliments of CH (CAP) Wayne M Scholle, OEF. To the right of that certificate, under the flag frame, is a letter from AdoptaPlatoon.

Flag #2

Our second American flag, in the tan frame top row, has a certificate stating the flag was carried on a combat mission August 8, 2012, by the First Military Intelligence Battalion, Jalalabad, Afghanistan, on an unmanned aircraft (drone), in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Signed by CPT Anthony J. Palumbo.

Flag #3

Our third American flag, in the large rectangular frame bottom left, has a certificate stating it was flown "in the face of the enemy" on February 3, 2013, by Bravo Company, 101st Expeditionary Signal Battalion, Kandahar, Afghanistan, sent to us by Staff Sergeant John P. Palmeri, one of our adopted soldiers through AdoptaPlatoon. SSG Palmeri also sent us three post cards after his unit received parcels from us. The framed flag was very unexpected. The three post cards are top right in the picture.

Flag #4

Our fourth American flag is the third flag top row in the picture. It has a certificate directly below the flag is from the United States Forces, Afghanistan, stating the flag was flown over the headquarters in Bagram, Afghanistan on April 7, 2013. Signed by Maj Gen Kenneth R. Dahl. Sent to us by LTC John W. Weeks.

Flag #5

Our fifth American flag is in the center (tan) frame in the second row in the picture. It has a certificate directly below the flag stating that on 1 December 2015, the flag was flown on a "Special Operations U-28A aircraft during a combat mission over Iraq in direct support of Operation Inherent Resolve". Sent to us by Emiri Katahara who has deployed back to the States.

Flag #6

Our sixth American flag is in the tan frame (left side wall) bottom row in the picture. It has a certificate to the right stating that on May 2nd, 2017, the flag was flown over the skies of Al Anhar Province, Iraq. Carried aboard a MV-22B "Osprey" assault support aircraft during an aviation mission in support of Operation Inherent Resolve 17.2. Sent to us by MSGT Thomas Moore and the SPMAG Air Cell (Marines), stationed in Kuwait. Included was a unit sticker.

To the bottom left side is a postcard from Kuwait sent to us by MAJ Eubanks who is in the same SPMAG unit as MSGT Moore.

Flag #7

Our seventh American flag is from the 37th Expedititionary Bomb Squadron, Qatar. It has a certificate to the right stating that for "Karen & Mike", on September 11, 2015, the flag was flown aboard a B-1B in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. It was sent to us by Audrey Wolf. Date-wise it is out of sequence but she told us "it was packed in a strange place during the move" which delayed it getting to us.

To the right of the Second American Flag, is a postcard from Beau, of "Afghan War Rugs". Beau was one of our adopted soldiers who is now in Korea (2019).

On the right wall, top left second row, is a Certificate of Appreciation from the 335th Signal Command, Kandahar, Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom, 2011-2012. It cites Karen for her contributions. Signed August 29, 2012, Bagram Airfield, by LTC John W. Weeks. Colonel Weeks also sent us five post cards after his unit received parcels from us. Four of the post cards are on the right wall, bottom right.

From LTC RA Wasserman, Joint Special Operations Command, right wall, is an "SOCCENT Airborne" combat unit patch and a bumper sticker with a warning in English and Arabic, "Caution Stay 100 Meters back Or You Will Be Shot".

Right wall, second row down, on the right, is a certificate designating Karen as a "Warrior Medic" from the 115th Combat Support Hospital, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2009-2010, signed by CH (MAJ) Thomas B. Vaughn, Jr, Senior Hospital Chaplain.

The Cup Of Joe framed t-shirt came from Green Beans Coffee, January 2012, by way of Afghanistan, and is autographed by some twenty-five soldiers stationed there. Under the t-shirt are two letters from Green Beans Coffee.

Under one of the letters from Green Beans Coffee is a card from the troops in Charlie Company, 5th Battalion 158th Aviation, Task Force War Hawk. One of our adopted soldiers through AdoptaPlatoon.

After most candy holidays, we go shopping for half-price candy. Easter Sunday, March 26, 2016 was no exception. We sent Anne two boxes full of candy which she promptly took to the aide station for distribution. Anne was in harm's way with the 2nd Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment but is now back in the States. April 6, we received a picture with an email. Click here for both.

On the right wall, bottom row far right, is a 2016 Christmas Card we received from CPL Scherer who was with the 31st Combat Support Hospital. Thanking us for the goodie box. Click here for close-up.

On the left wall, middle, above the flag frames, is a picture and signed Christmas card from the medics of the 379th EMDG Expeditionary Medical Group) in Qatar, compliments of Alyssa Korb who was stationed there. "Prepare To Shock - Medics Rock!"
To the left of that picture and card is the fifth post card from LTC John W. Weeks.

Zack, a staff sergeant with the 101st Airborne, sent us picture of him with his section at Bagram. It is on the right wall, bottom row, far left.

We also have a variety of pictures sent to us via email from deployed serice members, and one civilian. Click here to see them.

2017 Christmas are to the left of the main picture.
LTC Tia Smith sent us a t-shrt with the logo of 4th Platoon of the 387th Postal unit and on the back, Give It The Finger, Iraq 2017-2018. Also is a Christmas card from the DPW (Department of Public Works), Camp Buehring, Kuwait signed by members of the unit.

Also a 2017 Christmas card fron SPMAG, Kuwait.

And three Thank You cards from LTC Nicole Davis, 673rd EN DET just above the t-shirt. The cards cover several months in late 2017.

And some other things. Left wall, left side bottom, is a frame with various insignia representing units with whom Mike was stationed: Fifth Infantry Division (1963-1964) at Fort Carson, Colorado; Berlin Brigade (1964-1967) in West Berlin, West Germany; and Twenty-fifth Infantry Division (1967) in Cu Chi, South Vietnam. Also in the frame is his Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), dog tag and second Purple Heart (with Oak Leaf Cluster). To the right of that frame, under the large framed flag (Flag #3), second Purple Heart Certificate (with Oak Leaf Cluster), wounded second time August 30, 1967. Right wall, bottom right, frame with his certificate of award of Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB), while in the Berlin Brigade, West Germany, 1965.


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