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NorthStar to Teller Co, July 16, 1997

July 16, 1997

Teller County Building Department
Woodland Park CO 80866

RE: 31 Matterhorn project       Permit # 97-7086

ATTN: Building Inspector

This letter will serve as written notice of the dismissal for cause of D&S Builders, and it's General Contractor Dave Richardson, Jr. Mr. Richardson was hired as the General Contractor of record for the project on 31 Matterhorn Dr in La Montana Mesa and his efforts proved to be inferior.

He hired a foundation contractor to do the foundation work for the project. I was informed that according to Teller County regulations we were not required to hire a licensed contractor to do the project since the contractor could work under Mr. Richardson's license, and he vouched for the work of the contractor. Mr. Richardson claimed to be supervising the project on a daily basis, including inspecting the excavating and foundation work as it progressed. The foundation has been completed, and even though Mr. Richardson did not inspect the work properly, the foundation is sound, meets all codes, and is esthetically pleasing. We have no complains about the foundation work. We have complaints about the lack of integrity and the obvious lack of expertise of the General Contractor.

We have hired a new General Contractor to take over the project. The Contractor is Ben Weeks, III, County license number 2449A, dba Signal Hill Development, LLC. He has agreed to complete the project according to our original specifications. We have to utmost confidence in the capabilities of Mr. Weeks. He will take the responsibility for the completion of the project, but as the person who hired Dave Richardson, we feel that he should be required to bear the responsibility for the work that he was in charge of. I don't believe that I'm out of line with my request, that the foundation be inspected prior to Mr. Weeks assuming the responsibility. Mr. Richardson has given us (and your office) written acceptance of responsibility for the project. I feel that he should be required to uphold that agreement.

Thank you in advance for your support of our request, and for your help with this obviously confusing situation. If you have any questions, or need any more information, please don't hesitate to give me a call.


Barbara Robbins
Project Manager

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