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Teller Co to NorthStar March 26, 1997

March 26, 1997

To: NorthStar International
      Barbara Robbins/Vice President
      P.O. Box 134
      Florissant, CO 80816-0134

From: Teller County Building Dept.
      Janet Lloyd/Office Manager
      P.O. Box 1886
      Woodland Park, Co 80866

RE: Class-C License for August Bolender/Builder Network Services

Dear Mrs. Robbins,

        We have received your request for a name change for Mr. Bolender's company name he has chosen to use with his Teller County contractor's license. We are unable to change this particular license name as you have requested, since there is no other company licensed with Teller County under the name of 'Builder Network Services' or NorthStar International'. This is the first and only license in our county with this name, therefore, there is nothing under the Building Department's jurisdiction that can enable us to act upon your request. Registered trade names are regulated thru the State of Colorado. You may want to contact them to see if they may be of any assistance to you.


Janet Lloyd
Office Manager

Cc: A. Bolender

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