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Teller Co Internal Memo September 3, 1997

DATE: Sept 3, 1997
TO: Ron Walker
Building Official
FROM: Janet Lloyd
RE: Front Office Information Regarding NorthStar International

        The front office would like to advise you of some of NorthStar International's activities we have recently noticed or encountered.

1)     A complaint (poor foundation workmanship on permit #97-7086) & release letter was received on 07/17/97 from the general contractor on an un-licensed foundation sub hired by NorthStar.

2)     A notice leter was sent informing NorthStar/Barbara Robbins that they needed to get licensed as a contractor to do the type of work they were currently doing on 07/21/97.

3)     A response letter was received from NorthStar on 07/18/97 that stated they did not hire the sub.

4)     Mrs. Barbara Robbins submitted for a modular foundation permit @ 163 County Road 45 on 07/21/97 with a letter stating NorthStar is acting on behalf of the howeowner/contractor - Mr. Pick, because of funding & lender agreements.

5)     A stop work order was issued by the Code Enforcement officer on the Pick project on 08/19/97 because work continued on the project even though it failed inspection.

6)     Mr. Pick verbally stated that he had fired NorthStar to the Building Official on 08/28/97, and that he had hired an engineer to verify the foundation.

7)     On 08/29/97, Mr. Haynes from Haynes Industries inquired about the electrical permit for a 'NorthStar job' on 31 Matterhorn (permit #97-7086). He state they - NorthStar had asked him to do the electrical work. When I pulled up the permit, it listed Bavarian Electric as the electrician. I told Mr. Haynes we need the General Contractor (not NorthStar) to call in and o.k. the switch in subs.

8)     ON 09/03/97, Mr. Uhl of Bavarian Electric came into the office and told me that he did not want to be listed as the electrician on any of the NorthStar projects. He said that they (NorthStar) had called him to inquire about hiring him as their electrician and he had told them that he didn't have the time to take on any more jobs.

9)     ON 09/04/97, an owner Mrs. McKinley, called Kathy to inquire about her permit (Mr. McKinley is listed as the general contractor on permit #97-7272). Kathy informed ther that the foundation sub listed was not licensed in Teller County. Kathy also asked her about some of the other subs that would be needed on the project. Mrs. McKinley said she didn't know who would be doing the work because NorthStar & Embry Homes (Embry Homes is not licensed in Teller county either) were setting up the home and hiring the sub contractors. Kathy informed Mrs. McKinley that if she was listed as owner-contractor, she is responsible for all the work and for hiring licensed subs. Mrs. McKinley then said she would call Barbara Robbins of NorthStar to discuss this.

From the dealings the front office staff has had with NorthStar, it appears NorthStar needs to get a General Contractor's License.

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