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Posted July 2, 2001

~ Jim Bilyeu Resigns ~
Head of Building Department in Park County

The pressure's been mounting and mounting. Today, July 2, 2001, we received word that Jim Bilyeu has resigned as Head of the Building Department of Park County. Bilyeu has been under a lot of pressure lately. The irate citizens of Park County have been holding town meetings in an effort to undermine his uneven enforcement of the UBC. It also seems that the County Commissioners have been after him as well.

A couple of weeks ago, the Board of Adjustment narrowly missed overturning a decision by him not to discipline the ever incompetent NorthStar and Barbara Robbins. The chairman of the BoA admonished him at the hearing and told him the Building Department needed better rules. He also admitted that in his long tenure as Head of the Building Department, he had never suspended or revoked the license of a contractor. The South Park Pioneer published an article about the hearing that made Bilyeu look inept and/or just plain lazy.

During the BoA hearing, Bilyeu spent a considerable amount of time schmoozing in the hallway with the contractor in question, Barbara Robbins, and her pet subcontractor, George Asbury of not-so Affordable Excavating. Considering the seriousness of the hearing, spending that much time chatting away with Babs was not a smart move. We wonder what life if Park County will now be like for Barbara Robbins now that her protector is no longer around. Will Bilyeu's replacement be as willing to ignore her repeated violations of the rules or will someone finally step forward and protect the citizens of Park county from unscrupulous contractors?

Few will miss Jim Bilyeu. His in actions has cost a lot of money to those unsuspecting enough to hire NorthStar. County officials need to protect the citizens, not get into bed with the contractors. We suspect Bilyeu leaked the complaint information to Barbara Robbins and delayed the official mailing to give her more time to prepare her rebuttal.

Tell us Jim, was she worth it? Just how did she repay your kindness? We don't think it was a handshake.

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