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NorthStar Liened by Rampart Surveys

Rampart Surveys of Woodland Park, Colorado, has liened NorthStar. On January 22, 2001, the lien was recorded with Park County. The amount in question is the lofty sum of $705.00. Can it be that Barbara Robbins, who claims that NorthStar promptly pays all sub-contractors, has failed to pay this one in a timely manner? Or, could it be, that she contracted this work for herself and is unable to pay?

Craig Davis wanted the property surveyed for a potential sale. Seems the property is a long distance from any recently surveyed land and therefore the cost to survey would run into thousands of dollars more than expected. When the potential customers were told this, they departed. NorthStar was given a bill for the work done to that time, which had been a number of hours pulling documents and physically inspecting the property. Barbara, in her letter, said she could not see where any had actually been done and could not understand how any company could bill for work not done. Excuse us, Barbara, but that's EXACTLY what NorthStar does on a regular basis!

When the concrete sub-contractors on the Woods' house didn't get their money from Barbara, she told them to sue the Woods for it, even though the bills she submitted to the Woods showed her having paid the conctete sub-contractors (why are we not surprised she lied about that?).

What's the matter, Barbara? Couldn't find anyone to stiff this time? Had to take the blow yourself? How's it feel? Get used to it. More hard times are a-comin'. You're going to lose everyone of those lawsuits filed against you.

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