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Lawyers Who Have Aided and Abetted

In our wandering through NorthStar Land, we have encountered a number of lawyers for the other side. For the most part, not one of them has transmitted the truth (in our opinion) concerning the facts of events and what the law says. Most of them backed off after receiving our rebuttal letter, preferring to slink off into the night, never to be heard from again.

All appear to have slept through Constitutional Law 101 (except for Eastlack - we don't know if he attended that class).

Here they are, in order of appearance.

M. James Zendejas
Stinar & Zendejas

M. James Zendejas, of Stinar & Zendejas of Colorado Springs, represented NorthStar in a variety of different areas. It appears he was unsucessful in most, if not all, attempts to keep Barbara Robbins and Douglas Robbins out of the loser column. Our nickname for him is 10w-30.We still maintain that he suborned perjury from Barbara Robbins in 2002 seeking an injunction against this web site.

He was unable to stop Barbara Robbins from being a failure in the following:

  • Suspended By Teller County in 2001 when he represented her there.
  • He was unsuccessful in getting an injunction against this web site, representing Barbara Robbins in Park County District Court.
  • He jumped ship leaving Barbara Robbins to lose Woods, et al v NorthStar in Teller County.
  • Why did he jump ship? It couldn;t have been money. Barbara Robbins and NorthStar already owed his firm $41,000 (which she tried to dump in her bankruptcy filing which we blocked).

  • M. James Zendejas

    Michael E. Hendricks

    On February 27, 2001, we received a Cease And Desist Letter signed by Michael E. Hendricks who was representing Grand West Financial. Seems we hurt the wittle bitty feelings of Kevin Marks when we called him a liar and a crook and a coward.

    We are betting Michael E. Hendricks really didn't investigate any of the claims made by Kevin Marks because after we sent him our response, he stopped writing us. Under the rules of ethics for lawyers (we pause here to allow you to stop laughing), a lawyer is supposed to make a reasonable attempt to verify facts before taking an action such as a cease and desist letter. Hendricks did not. Bad Mikey.

    Hendricks once had a sorry one-page web site at http://www.hendricksandhendrickslaw.com/ but it is no longer registered. His office was located at 4055 Nonchalant Circle South but seems to have moved to 2123 N Academy Blvd but we have no idea if he is still in business. And we really do not care if he is.

    Jeffrey W. Ludwig

    Not to be out done, Jeffrey W. Ludwig sent us a Cease And Desist Letter on May 31, 2001 for his client Rocky Mountain Construction Lending. It seems Monica Wasden, head witch, did not like being described in this manner and wanted us to poof off. We did not.

    We are betting Jeffrey W. Ludwig also didn't investigate any of the claims made by Monica Wasden because after we sent him our response, he also stopped writing us.

    Jeffrey W. Ludwig did not seem to rate a web page in 2001 but did get one: http://jwludwigatty.com/. Is it just us or does he look really doofus in that picture?

    Beth Morrison Klein
    Purvis, Gray & Gordon, LLP

    Sexism be gone. Enter the fairer sex representing Summit Crest Homes (whom we refer to as Summit Crap Homes). Beth Morrison Klein, under the letterhead of Purvis, Gray & Gordon, LLP of the People's Socialist Republic of Boulder, Colorado, sent us a Cease And Desist Letter on October 12, 2001. We were getting quite a collection of them by this time.

    But sex didn't matter. Like her male counterparts, Beth Morrison Klein didn't investigate any of the claims made by Summit Crest because after we sent her our response, she also stopped writing us.

    Beth Morrison Klein appears to have a web site at http://www.klein-law-firm.com/ but it has problems loading. It is registered to Beth Klein, P.C., 1909 26th Street Suite 1C, Boulder, CO 80302. Is it possible she was fired from Purvis, Gray & Gordon, LLP? As stupid as her letter was we are guessing she is not raking in the big bucks. We would shed a tear for her but NOT!

    Beth Klein

    John C. Eastlack

    John C. Eastlack
    Then, in October 2005, enter John C. Eastlack, P.C., 2l25 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, Co, who helped Barbara Robbins file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Helped seems an adequate word. Eastlack strongly resembles Snidely Whiplash of Dudley Do-Right fame.

    John, did she tell you what she said at the trial in Denver to block her bankruptcy? When asked why she withdrew some $10,000 in cash from her business bank account the day before she filed, she testified that her lawyer (that's you Johnny Boy) told her not to have much cash in her bank accounts when she filed. We are not lawyers, but is not that kind of advice bordering on advising your client on how to deceive the Bankruptcy Court? Sure sounds unethical to us. But it sounds true. Someone else we know who filed bankruptcy said their lawyer told them the same thing. It just reenforces our opinion of John C. Eastlack. Our nickname for him is Snidely Whiplash.

    During the Meeting of Creditors in December 2005, John C. Eastlack was present to represent his client, Barbara Robbins. While Barbara was being questioned by Karen concerning some of her answers, Eastlack interrupted, and with a snear, began lecturing Karen in a self-rightous attitude about her tone and her questions. Well, John Boy, it looks like you were wrong and your client was guilty of lying, or so says the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Denver. You came across to us as another swarmy lawyer. You've earned your spot on this page, JCE.

    John C. Eastlack doesn't seem to rate a web page. Or cannot afford one. Too bad, Johnny. www.SlimeBall.com might still be available if you hurry.

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